posted on: 2020-12-16 22:40:55
So many people feel there is some grand conspiracy behind covid, but I feel the conspiracy is happening right before our eyes.

The first thing to do, when there is some sort of plot or scheme, you have to ask "Who is making the money?"

We have politicians who dumped stocks and downplayed the pandemic. We have equipment and hospital supply providers for specialized equipment. Zoom and other remote and online platforms for remote working.

Then we have response shaming. People who wear masks are cowards and sheep. States that make mandates to protect their citizens are violating rights.

The amazing thing is there is a political party that has promoted this shaming, and is now suffering for it. It's the same political party that supports big business over big government, and is offering corporate bailouts that will be used to pay employees. Rather than just paying the employees.

People are being told to defend their rights, but a big right that is overlooked is your to protect yourself and your family. If avoiding work helps saves lives, but costs your corporate bosses money. If not having money jeopardizes your home. Why doesn't it actually jeopardize the income of the people who are holding your home for ransom? Who are holding you betrothed to you work? They should be fucked, not the workers.

It seems like there was an astro-turfed movement to prevent states from using a sensible and effective means to control the virus, a la South Korea, but instead cause people to actively fight every measure an perpetuate this for as long as possible. Now the burden is being put on working people. They're inundated with debt that they cannot continue to pay off. Actually, only the rich should be losing money from the pandemic. They are the ones holding mortgages, holding loans and debt. There is still enough food, there are still homes.

Eat the rich.