posted on: 2020-09-18 21:31:04
The chicken story is a story about a hen and a chicken who go to eat nuts. She dies and the world goes to shit.

I have heard this story three times. It is a story from the Grimm Faerey tails, "The Death of the Little Hen", about a Hen and a Chicken gathering nuts. The Hen tries to eat a large nut and it gets lodged in her throat. They can't save her so afterwards, all the animals of the forest help bury her. In the process they all die except the chicken, who goes back to mourn the loss of the Hen, and dies on her grave.

So everybody dies. Whats the moral? I think the moral is don't be greedy. In some ways the hen died happy, she died doing what she loved. Eating nuts. Sure there were a couple moments of discomfort at the end, but up until that point she was doing what she loved.

So she didn't suffer, but all of her friends did. They had to bear the burden of her greed and they died. So the moral of the story is, don't be greedy it hurts everybody. Everybody else died for her greed.