posted on: 2020-03-19 20:28:02
Just some random observations as London prepares for lockdown.

It's a strange time. Right now we are preparing a lockdown in London. Everybody is getting prepped for the possibility of weeks without going to the store. Restaurants, pubs and schools are shutdown. Walking into the market feels normal, they're a bit crowded and some people have a mask or so. The vegetables and many of the items appear to be at normal supply, but then you go for the bread.

The bread is barren, even stranger the bread flour is gone. Except for some of more exotic and gluten free flours. I went to Turnpike lane, and buy 2 save was business as usual, although it was 1pm on a Thursday so "usually" they would not be so busy. We stocked up on rice. I didn't see if they had any flour, they have a more Turkish and Arabic selection of food. People were polite, one woman even let me cut in line. I actually think it was so she didn't have to have the mean checkout woman, but Ill take it as being nice none-the-less.

It's also strange because it is hard to fathom the seriousness of the situation. We as a population are in danger, but as an individual the threat is not much worse than the flu. The disease is relatively low risque compared to other actions we might take. But it can turn into quite a tragedy.

It's demanding us to think beyond ourselves. To look beyond, I can survive this it isn't a problem. To, if I don't behave properly, my actions can affect a lot of people.

We have the power right now to influence the outcome on a grand scale. If we as a people, as a nation, as a world can enact preventative measures. We can save lives.

The power is ours, and yet, if it works. Everybody who says we are over reacting will be vidicated. Another bit of irony. When we say, look at how the government controls us. They tell use to stop going to sports games, to stop going to bars and pubs, to stop socializing. We do. We do for our benefit though. We have the power to make this work without the government stepping in and telling us what to do. The government only has to protect us from the banks. From our financial obligations. To allow us the ability to quarantine and isolate. To go home and not work, to not depend on the roads, the fuel, the schools. Provide for ourselves.

Of course this overlooks the *real* necessary services. Right now, we still have clean water in our home. We still have garbage being collected. Doctors and nurses. All of these people are expected to keep working through the disease. Keep the world functioning. Many things that we want are being put on hold. Wall street will even try to hold us accountable, but if we can see the truth of what our actions hold. If we can value this time we take, and learn to take it with us. We have necessary services that it is necessary to perform. We all have an obligation to help get these performed. We can do it. We can perform these services without the banks telling us what to do.

This moment should be a sign of our freedom. Throwing down the shackles of financial responsibility and making our lives better.