posted on: 2020-01-08 13:28:14
Random statements about running experience.

Ankle injuries have always confused me. They can be incredibly hard to get rid of. Where they seem fine, and then if I exercise again they act up. Of course I am writing this because I am having an issue with my ankle now. It is similar to an ankle injury that happened last year. While I was running there was a sharp pain that didn't seem to be caused from doing anything strange or unusual. Just a hard landing maybe. Then it would seem to happen every once in awhile, so I wonder if it was cuased earlier, but I didn't feel it.

Once my ankle was injured, and it would not go away, so I took a whole month off. Then the first day back at soccer I twisted my angle bad. The exact same spot, and worse than it had ever been. I thought, it was ruined and I would need to spend more than a month. I was actually fine though. The next day it didn't hurt at all.

My most recent one has cleared up after a couple days rest and light running. I suspect it is just a usage issue then.