posted on: 2019-07-30 10:11:29
We need to account for all of the costs associated with making, using and disposing of a product.

Right now we literally pay people to destroy the country. Farming is more profitable with the higher production rate than is necessary. We could be producing healthier tastier food in a sustainable manner. Clothing stores make money by selling clothes, but not for making quality clothes. The ideal capitalism, the consumer would decide what they want, by spending their money on a product that would get them the best value for money. The producers would compete for the consumers patronage by providing the best product. The current system doesn't manage that.

Consider cheaply manufactured clothes with a life expectancy. For the consumer they will buy new clothes based on the cost. The producer will attempt to maximize profits. If they provide a cheap product with a short life expectancy, then the consumer will have to purchase more often. Creating a perpetual source of income. Not only that, it has been said that purchasing cheap products costs more money to the consumer because they have to purchase more often. That would put the failure of capitalism on the stupidity of the consumer. It is a boon to capitalism to exploit people in this way. Part of this boon are the underlying costs that are not being accounted for.

So we let companies create a product, at the expense of our resources, then exploit our poor by taking their money and providing them with an inadequate experience. We have the power to redicrect this income.

One example, if we taxed products on their life expectancy. Taxed a product for the amount of resources required to produce it and it's disposal. Similar to the can redemption value, but for more products. If a pair of shoes is recycled after a month, some of the tax is recovered. If the shoes are recovered after a year, then even more of the tax is recovered. Companies would have some incentive for keeping a product alive and working. Further, it provides people incentive for properly disposing the waste. Either the company can provide further incentive, as they would receive the rebate and it would be their duty to entice consumers to properly manage their expired product. Or the consumer would directly receive the rebate.