Save graphs as .png, .jpg and .bmp images. Or save SVG data. Save variables, and functions to be used during later sessions. Download and share scripts containing, unit conversions, common constants, electrostatic constants, and other valuable information. Scripts can be used with Gnuplot to create professional graphs.

The source contains three modules, Calculator, QtDislay and SVGGraphics. Calculator is an independant parser/evaluator for mathematical expressions, and SVGGraphics will produce a 2-d plot for any number of datasets.

To use this program. It should untar into a directory called GraphCutie. Then you can execute the file GraphCutie.exe. The python script is better and includes a terminal version of the calculator.

first bug fix...there was an error for a certain caclulation.

screen shot of calculator function screen shot of plot function screen shot of calculator configuration screen screen shot of plot configuration