posted on: 2015-01-03 13:28:25
This post includes some pictures from the last night of Hanukkah in Golders Green. It also shows how I am using google to host my images now, instead of locally.

sunset over A406

A brief glimpse of the sun setting, not to be confused with the street light.

A406 long exposure

The long exposures are fun to try. Maybe this isn't the most interesting shot.

Car with Menorah

There were a couple of these out. There was also a huge Hanukkah party bus rolling around, but I didn't have my camera at the time.

Store with Hanukkah facade

It's looking a lot like Chistmas.

Golders Green by night with xmas lights

Still looks a lot like Christmas. It's great here that we have both. Then everything is still open on Christmas, and a mix of things are open on Friday and Saturday.

golders Green with Christmas Lights.

And another shot, just to fill it out.

Here is how I am hosting my images. First I post them to google plus and share them publicly. Then I view the image I want, and right click to get the location, it should look something like this:[...]/w874-h546-no/PC231168.JPG

Notice the dimensions in there.


I change that to the dimensions I need. Eg. w600 for displaying in the blog, and w1920 for linking to the full version.