posted on: 2012-05-14 21:10:23
I have and AMD/ATI video card and the kernel like requires This explains how to properly set the /etc/default/grub file so that the line is added to new grub entries too.

>Installed ubuntu 12.04 and I had no sounds coming out of my HDMI cable. This is an easy fix that I learned while using linux Mint. Edit the grub.cfg file and add the option

more specifically edit the file /boot/grub/grub.cfg and find the menu entry you want to use and change the linux line. ie.

linux XXX ro quiet splash

I removed the XXX's because they're kernel, and HD specific.

The next step is to make this a permanent change, and have it applied to all of your kernels even if you update.

Edit the file /etc/default/grub , find the line:


And add the argument to it.


You could use the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX if you like, but the DEFAULT will only be used with the normal boot, and not recovery.

I found information on this in two places, fedoraforum and I learned about the grub arguments in Ubuntus Grub2