posted on: 2011-12-10 23:54:16
I am documenting a few features of mint.

>First off, easiest install ever... after I used a usb stick to install it. For some reason my computer would not boot from the cd, and of them. I made two dvd copies and one cd copy. None of them would boot, I would just get a black screen with a white dot. That aside it was really fast install.

I login for the first time, and of course you get a login sound and an update warning. I remember this from ubuntu 10.04. I want to remove the update manager because I do not like automatic updates.

apt-get remove mintUpdate

Seems to work, then when I was doing the update my computer crashed... I do not know if this happened because of the update or the killing the manager. Even after I rebooted gnome shell and the windows manager would not start.

I finished the update via a text tty and rebooted, everything was find. Next step is to remove the startup sound.

There is not intuitive way to get to startup applications.

Why not, this is really a lame problem. Not to mention that startup applications is a strange place to put a login sound. Anyway I disabled it and I found 3 other programs that I do not know what they do.

Caribou is one of them. Turns out it is an onscreen keyboard. The problem is that you cannot find any information on it. It is a runnable program, with no man entry.

Next problem: HDMI audio output.

This is something a bit cryptic that I had been dealing with in ubuntu too.

My hdmi audio output would not work with any kernel
greater than 2.6.38

This can be fixed by adding the following argument to grub as a kernel argument on startup.