posted on: 2010-02-11 19:08:58
This is just a post for some pictures and a bit of what happened yesterday.


First thing in the morning there was already quite a bit of snow. It kept snowing by and by.

So I built a snowman, the snow was somewhat hard to get into a ball, it was too fluffy.

Hey wait a minute what are these people doing with snowman?

Yep they took the whole thing, and ... for what.

Ok, now they are doing something.

Voila, there it is in one piece. They moved it to a more prominent spot. Afterwards they destroyed it and walked off with one of the snow balls.

Thats my street.

Out my office window, before sunrise.

Just another phone pic during the blizzard.


2010-08-20 13:12:57
What do you that early int he office?