posted on: 2008-04-21 10:14:35
This is my quest for setting up a CherryPy Implementation behind apache.

>In addition to CherryPyCherryPy you need FlupWSGI interface for fcgi. I started following the howto outlined at the CherryPy WikiFastCGI behind Apache. And I have a few problems still. First off, I can't use script alias and this apache doesn't support proxy as far as I know. So my work around today is to mount my application with a script_filename:

app = cherrypy.tree.mount(HelloWorld(),script_name='/pathtocgi/cherry.cgi')

This is not too nice because I have to use my cgi file in the url. I don't mind working around somethings but this is too much of a hassle.

I've tried using hooks, and Tools but these both appear to happen after the fact. So that is where I'm at if you have a suggestion or are working with the same problem.

A detail you might be curious about. I want to use this as fcgi but that is tough for debugging. By running it as .cgi there are some differences. .cgi The server restarts everytime. So you can use such features as 'os.environ' then ever call you make it can be sent to the right spot.

In closing beware of using fcgi, it will fill up all of your processes if your not careful.

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2008-09-13 22:20:54
As of now cherrypy development has come to a halt for me. I find that it is tedious to get it to work when apache is already doing the job well. Instead I use cherry template behind apache. It is quick and simple and it gets me using python instead of php.
2010-05-18 14:53:52
I've created a new post because I found a better way to use cherrypy with wsgi. <a href="topicspace/index.php?idnum=56">here</a>
2010-05-18 14:55:17
Actually <a href="">here</a>