posted on: 2008-08-20 09:34:27
This post is in regards to the development of my webpage "storyboard". Storyboard is going to be a tool for viewing/sharing images and ideas over the internet. It will be interactive.

>Currently this project is in an infant state. It can be found at

storyboard, I hope to do some collaboration on this project so if you are interested please e-mail me, my e-mail is found at the root page, OrangePalantir or post a comment on the this site.

(I don't put my e-mail here, because the comments makes this a spam/spider happy location.)

Goals, upload images/text to this site and arrange them spacially so that they are comprehensive. The basic layout and tools will be as follows.

Cookie basedAuthentication will be nescessary to limit spam and organize sessions.

HTML forms for uploading image files and including text.

Java script will be used to position elements and communicate with a cgi file optional setInterval for recieving information.

XSL will be used for a 'static'/'printable' version of the file.

Templating will be done for updating w/out javascript.

MySQL will be used to manage names and temporary files.

Serverside scripting will be done in python. Currently, as a proof of concept, I intend on make this available to Internet Explorer 6 and firefox 2.

For this project to move into more of a production stage I would like collaborators. The cross browser compatability will be a serious issue. The look, style and organization could always use creative input. Mirrors advertisments and external links could be persued in later stages but first I would like to get this up and running. As an open development platform.

Thanks mbs