posted on: 2008-04-23 13:26:52
This is a homemade blog that features image uploads, links, references and pre formatted text. It is designed around a technical market.

>So as promised this blog allows you to upload images.

Note that this image was inserted with macro type function. The macros also allow you remove images.

This blog is equiped for rss, as in the abstract and title are read from my rss feeder (as opposed to a reader). And it is a validFeed Validator rss file. The references are a little cumbersome still. To produce the above reference:

<ref refno='1' www=''>Feed Validator</ref>

The code was displayed by using the html "pre" tags that will be displayed nearly completely. It will have some trouble if you put a closing pre tag inside of it. And lastly this supports links. So if you wanted to make an entry in this blog that has an image of an equation I would suggest using, LaTeXbin for generating small .png files. and then inserting them: .

Something I want to point out. Image refrences change when this is submitted.

<img src='/topicspace/images/2.png'/>
original src: 'sample1.png' 

If you are interested e-mail me at


2008-09-14 08:14:59
This blog also allows you to make comments.
2014-03-12 13:53:28
I think it allows you to make comments.