posted on: 2009-06-11 13:02:31
Blog development. It took me 20 minutes to transfer this blog to my webserver. In this article I outline what I did and how I can improve it.

>First I uploaded all of my files. I set my directory permissions. Placed a .htaccess file in the 'addedit' directory to make that directory unaccessible to everybody. Then I went and changed the variables found in 'site_vars.php' and 'add_edit.cgi'.

The script 'admin.php' will create a database, user, and tables, but for this server I have to create the database and user elsewhere. Then it works fine.

That is it.

To speed this process up I can tarball the site. But for now I need to clean up the appearance and begin some work on rss.

Now there is trouble


2010-04-17 16:59:00
This is a test comment because I have changed from an email type system to a captcha type system.