Research Positions

Research Projects

  • JFilament

    An imagej plugin that is used for segmenting filament structures in fluorescent microscopy images. Source at Google Code. The publication describing the techniques and application is available on pub med.
  • SpeckleTrackerJ

    Another plugin for tracking spots source is also avalailable on Google Code. The publication describing the techniques and application is available on pub med.

Side Projects

  • Light Graph

    A library for plotting data with java. Easy to use, exports data, exports the graph to multiple formats. I made a scriptable client for it too.
  • Rainy Day Wizards

    A video game I started. It is mostly dead but someday...
  • Java library for Least Squares Fitting

    This is a small library I wrote for performing a least squares fit. It is similar to techniques used in SpeckleTrackerJ except that it includes unit tests.
  • Java and C++ tga reader at github

    These are some utility classes for c++ that use OpenGL 3 for displaying textures. There is also a class for reading tga files.

  • OrangeTools::Escape
    Change strings to escaped html stings.
  • GraphCutie
    A simple graphing calculator built using PyQt.
  • ImageJ plugins
    A few basic ij plugins
  • Cookieball
    Sharing cookies between python and php applications
  • Guitar
    I wrote a set of guitar excercises practicing apreggios in G.
  • sci-bingo
    Science Bingo, generates a bingo card with common terms or statements found in a science journal. Good for journal club and highlights some prolifate writing ideas.

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This site is my personal testing ground. My blog is hosted here, which mostly contains notes and reminders of things I've picked up while developing.

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I am a research scientist who specializes in mathematical modeling, image analysis, and data visualization. I've included a section of additional links to research projects and institutions I have worked with.

The name

Orange Palantir is a name of two parts, the ``orange'' comes from the name of my web host a small orange and ``Palantir'' comes from Tolkein and is a magic stone for communicating across great distances.